Friday, August 23, 2013


*insert greeting here* Ok so a goal I have this school year was to focus more on crafting my skills in photography, writing, and video editing. I've started on that in some aspect by creating my blog. The next step starts the first day of school. 

   I'm starting a series of the very eclectic fashions that are seen in my school. I will post my fashion favorites and highlights weekly. I'm kind of nervous because this plan of mine involves walking up to random students and asking them to take a picture for my blog. Wish me luck! 

   Really though, I'm excited and I hope things go on as I've planned in my head. BTW I need a title for this series, any suggestions? 

P.S. Heres a sneak peek at how this will go. I took this picture of a peer of mine during the last week of school. The only thing she didn't know I took her picture and we don't even know each other. Hear me out though!! This time I plan on doing thing the "right" way. :))
I love her backpack, cropped pants, flats, jacket, hat...just everything! She really made our uniform her own.


  1. Oh, I hope to see more. I love urban fashion! That backpack is pretty nice. Good luck! xoxo